Click, Collect & Spray is the result of a unique collaboration between PPG Architectural Coatings UK Limited (“PPG”) which owns and operates the well-known UK Johnstone’s Decorating Centres network and Aristospray (Ireland) Limited. This combination of national store coverage with the online availability of the QTech and TriTech airless sprayer brands is set to advantage any painter and decorator using airless spray, irrespective of location.

There are over 200 Johnstone’s Decorating Centres strategically located across the UK and Ireland. The product range available is vast – and it’s now been further enhanced with the addition of the QTech and TriTech airless ranges. But this is not the addition of product for the sake of it.

The range has been carefully selected to meet the potential needs of any painter and decorator. Starting with the machines, there are eight to choose from. These have been selected on both budgetary and application merits. Looking for a proven, cost-effective machine with a 2-year warranty? Go for QTech. Want to have the very best – and the peace of mind that comes with an extended lifetime warranty? You’ll want to look at the TriTech range.

Supporting these is a very carefully selected range of accessories and consumables. Every product here has a proven track record – we source it, we know it’s made to an acceptable standard, and we know the decorator uses it. So there are no frills, no gadgets – just solid product that will help to make the job go easy.

The QTech Story

Unique to Aristospray, QTech airless sprayers have been designed for the decorator with one overall goal in mind.

To keep airless simple.

A range of four carefully developed machines cope with a whole raft of work from internal walls, ceilings and trim right through to heavy contract use including airless plaster.

On-going and continually developing UK customer-driven design.

Cost-effective world class manufacturing.

Uniquely packaged with the best airless gun and tip from TriTech – 100% made in the USA. Just remember, it’s the gun and tip that’s in your hand that puts the paint on the wall.

Slow stroking motor – less strokes per litre of paint equals less wear and tear, hence less downtime.

A consistent best performance in class from each of the four machines.

The backing of a full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The TriTech Story

Designed. Engineered. Built. All in the USA.

TriTech Airless brings a unique combination of expertise, raw materials and manufacturing excellence together that is just not paralleled by any other airless sprayer available in today’s market.

Aerospace grade materials are used throughout the entire manufacturing process.

High grade aluminium for the control box, motor cover and heat sink. Aluminium dissipates heat, as opposed to plastic which retains it. The polished finish is easy to clean.

Steel cut and precision ground gears. These run in synthetic grease for positive heat transfer – longer bearing and gear life.

Chrome plated heavy walled steel tubing. This is immensely strong and tough and is used for all TriTech frames.

TriTech proprietary carbide blend – used for the ball and seat to give a superior and positive shut off.

No other airless sprayers are made like this.